Fortnightly Timetable Cycle: Week B
VISITORS to the School: please bring with you one form of identification: e.g, an official identity badge, passport, driving license or a bank card.
School tours are available upon request and we actively encourage parents to visit us during the school day to see us at work.
For all planned school trips – payment of a deposit or payment in full if applicable is required via Parent Pay to secure a place on a trip.

Attendance at Abbeyfield

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Attendance Bar Chart


If your child does not attend school they will not achieve. We want all students to achieve high levels of attendance and give themselves the very best life chances and choices.

There are 175 non school days per year for holidays, shopping and appointments. There should be little need, except in "exceptional" circumstances for your child to miss a day's education.

If they miss one session in a week (remember, there are two sessions per day) their attendance cannot reach higher than 90%. This may look impressive but it means they miss 19 days of education in a year and risk dropping one grade in their GCSEs. 5 C grades become 5 D grades.


We take absence seriously. We target intervention with students whose attendance falls below Abbeyfield target of 95% or better.

Persistent Absence (PA) - DFE policy now deems 90% and below attendance to be PA.

We use "Keep Kids Safe" which is an automated message system that text parents to request explanations for absence. If a response is not received emails, phone calls and letters are sent home to resolve reasons for absence and reduce the likelihood of future absence. This continues to have a positive effect on attendance patterns and clarification of reasons for absence.

Planned absence during term time - Abbeyfield School follows the DFE's amended policy by not authorising holidays during term time, unless there are 'exceptional circumstances'. Please refer to the following letter, which was sent home to Parents in October 2013. Please click here.

In April 2016, Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) amended its policy on Unauthorised Absences. The time frame for parents receiving a fixed penalty notice has reduced from ten days to five days or 10 sessions. The updated policy does not allow schools to authorise any absence of five days or more during school time. Head teachers would not be expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional.

The links between good attendance and academic success are clear and beyond argument. Here at Abbeyfield School we do all that we can to promote good attendance and to that end we have always supported the work of the Local Authority in bringing about improvements.

The letter and accompanying leaflet from Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Director Learning, Skills and Education, please click here and here, clearly outlines the sanctions that will be applied when children and young people are taken out of school for unauthorised reasons during term time. We have always been able to rely on the support of our parents and carers and I know we will be able to do so as we implement these important changes.

Parents will be fined by the Local Authority for taking their child on holiday during term time without the consent of the school. Ti.e. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £60.00 would be issued to each parent for each child: i.e. 2 parent family, two children = £240.00 and the following would apply: £60.00 if paid within 21 days of receipt of the notice, rising to £120.00 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days of receipt..

To view the letter and accompanying leaflet form Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Director Learning, Skills and Education,explaining this amendment, please click here  and here.

To view the Code of Conduct for Penalty Notices for absencesplease click here.

We do not authorise holidays during term time because we recognise that such absence negatively affects attainment

All staff work closely with students to make clear the message that attending well and being on time, will lead to higher levels of attainment and greater employment prospects.

We have a detention system to discourage poor punctuality. Students who are late to school miss their first break of the day. This system has proved to be effective in reducing the number of students who arrive late to school.

Arriving just 5 minutes late every day equals missing 3 days of education over the whole year. Arriving half an hour late every day is equivalent to 18 days absence. .N.B. Arriving more than 30 minutes late = U Code =ABSENCE MARK.

No employer would tolerate this. Attending and being punctual are essential life skills.

Every day attendance = VIVO Points awarded. We reward students who do attend well - every term, students with 96%+ additional VIVO Points and a letter of congratulation is sent home.

The school day begins at 8.40 a.m.

AM Registration is at 8.45 a.m. in lesson 1 / PM Registration is at 12.15 p.m in lesson 4.

N.B. We register students in every lesson at Abbeyfield but the am/pm registrations are the statutory times reported to LEA/DFE regularly

We do understand that on some occasions children may be ill and unable to attend school. Please contact school at these times and provide written reason for absence on your child's return to school. This can be recorded in their student planners. Notes should be brought to Student Services.

School follow up all absences via Attendance Support Meetings and parenting contracts. Where necessary, cases are referred to Education Entitlement Services(EES) for legal action to be considered.

Attendance Manager: Mrs Helen Wilkinson  email:

Attendance Support Assistant: Mrs Claire Massey  email:

ABSENCE HOTLINE: 01604 826150

We thank you for your continued support in ensuring your child attends school every day so they can achieve their potential at and beyond school.

To download a copy of our Attendance and Punctuality leaflet, please click here.

To download a copy of our Attendance pack for parents, please click here